More than Mortgage Advice

If we had to sum it up in two words, we’d say that mortgage brokers offer CHOICE and KNOWLEDGE.

When you go to a bank or a financial institution and talk about a mortgage, their job is to get you into one that makes THEM the most money possible. When you talk to MyQ, our job is to get you into a mortgage that keeps more money in YOUR pocket with the best terms that fit your unique needs. That’s the difference!

When you work with a broker, such as Mike Ufkes, you are provided with choices that a single financial institution cannot provide you; and the knowledge to make the decision that’s right for you. As your mortgage ambassador, MyQ is 100% focused on delivering quality service until you are completely happy and sign on the bottom line.

You can also expect much more than that. As mortgage experts we provide ongoing strategic support focused solely on our clients’ financial health. We’ll connect when it’s time to sign your mortgage papers and follow-up throughout the year to ensure you are taking advantage of market trends and managing your mortgage to fit your needs.

You can try to negotiate a regular mortgage at your bank, but if you want the BEST mortgage, connect with MyQ.

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