Self-Employed Doesn’t Mean Denied…

While it is harder to get approved for a mortgage when you’re self-employed, it isn’t impossible. There are a few more hurdles to jump over, but when you work with a mortgage broker, like me, it is my job to help you navigate and prepare the information you need to get approved.

The deal-breaker with most self-employed clients is their inability to prove a steady income. While I understand that you are impatient to buy that home, ideally, we would start working together before you need your mortgage secured, so we can lay the groundwork for a quick approval.

Here are the keys to securing a mortgage when you are self-employed:

  • Plan ahead – it may take you longer to jump over the hurdles set in your path (we are here to help knock them down)
  • Provide verifiable income
  • Have a strong credit score
  • Reduce your income to debt ratio
  • Keep your financial documents organized and accessible


These are the most common questions my self-employed clients ask upon our first meeting. If you have others, let’s talk.

Q. What if my income fluctuates year-over-year?

A. The main goal is to showcase a continued and stable income. When you’re self-employed, we expect to see fluctuations, but what Is the average income you have earned over the past three to five years. That’s what matters.

Q. My wife and I are both self-employed… will anyone lend to us?

A. There is a lender for most everyone. While this does complicate the process, you may just have to be more flexible and accommodating to rates and terms than others. This is where a mortgage broker will shine. We have the connections to know who works with entrepreneurs.

Q. What documents do I need to produce for the application process?

A. The key documents you’d need are proof of income, proof of home ownership, tax statements, etc. and others depending on your unique situation. As a MyQ client, we will ensure you have everything you need.

My Quick TipMyQuick Tip If you are self-employed take a team approach to your mortgage and connect your broker with your accountant. Together they can help you develop a plan for mortgage success.

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